Sunday, November 11, 2012

The 'Twilight Saga'- Some thoughts

This isn't so much a review, but just some of my thoughts on 'The Twilight Saga'. Nevertheless, this may contain spoilers, so if you haven't read any of the books, then you might want to look away now!

Nearly everyone knows the story of 'Twilight',whether they have read the books/ seen the films or not, but basically this is about a teenage girl called Bella, who moved to Forks to live with her father Charlie. At high school she meets Edward Cullen, a boy who she falls in love with and who, Bella discovers is a vampire. Mix that with a best friend Jacob who is a werewolf and is also in love with Bella and you have the basic plot for the saga.

However, even though I know that this collection of books are fantasy and could not possibly happen, there are a few things that 'The Twilight Saga' should be criticized for. Firstly, I think the writing is extremely poor. Meyer's vocabulary is limited and unimaginative. For example, every type of emotion is described as 'sanguine' and I found that I became extremely frustrated by the endless use of this word. Just because her novels are aimed at a younger audience, that doesn't mean that Meyers' audience is unable to understand more complex language. I know it may be unfair to compare 'The Twilight Saga' with 'The Hunger Games Trilogy', but Suzanne Collins adds diverse, exciting use of language for the same age group, so why not Meyer?

I also found that Meyer lacked ability to write decent speech between her characters. Characters reactions to what people are saying to them, are often over dramatic and downright childish. Quite often characters start conversations that are supposedly serious, but actually end up going around and around in circles, without the characters having said anything at all. This I found very frustrating, because I don't feel that many of the conversations drove the story forward.

Writing style aside, the point that I wanted to talk about in this post, was how disturbed I felt when reading this series. Edward and Bella's relationship is seen as forbidden and romantic, but I think something much more sinister running throughout it. On many occasions, in my opinion, Bella and Edward's relationship borders on abusive. Not physically, but their relationship shows classic signs that Bella is being controlled by Edward. Particularly in 'Eclipse', Bella is held against her will by Edward, with the pretext that he is worried for her safety. Also Edward will only let Bella she her best friend Jacob, only on his terms. Edward insists that he deliver Bella to designated place and even supplies her with a mobile, so her can keep track of her. Then there is the fact that Bella is made to feel guilty for everything she does and for keeping the company of certain individuals, when in fact it's Edward that is the one responsible for what is going on in the story. This a classic sign of an abusive relationship.

On the positive side, Meyer also conveys the idea of astinence and the love of a family, but is that enough to hide the darker messages that she conveys in her writing? I'm not sure. All I know, is that 'The Twilight Saga' makes me feel quite uncomfortable.

Have you read this Saga? What are ypur thoughts on the messages it conveys?