Friday, February 28, 2014

Look Who it is!'- Alan Carr

Being a fan of the British comedian Alan Carr, I thought I was going to enjoy this book. I found it readable, but disappointing. Some of the anecdotes during this book were amusing, but I found the almost underlining bitterness and spite Alan Carr felt, was really off putting. During the last half of the book, I almost felt like he was sneering people who have helped his career and his bragging to be very unpleasant. I even found some of the jokes he made about certain members of society to be offensive, whereas in general, I find his humour funny.

Usually when I read a book about the life of someone I admire, I end up feeling more admiration but with this book, I'm starting to dislike Alan Carr.

Do you read autobiographies? Have you changed your opinion (both good and bad) on a well known person, after reading their autobiography?


  1. That's the way sometimes things go. Looks like he is this TV figure of 'Funny man' and when he goes home becomes a different person. I've heard this about a few TV personalities actually. For some, humour only works on TV. And there is a very fine line between humour and being offensive, especially when taking the mickey out of certain members of the community all for the purpose of entertainment. How funny (if you excuse the pun) that it shows through in his autobiography.

  2. I know you're not suppose to judge a book but it's cover - but we all do (or pre-judge at least). To be honest, just based on the cover I wouldn't pick up the book - looks like Mr. Carr made it using Photoshop at home.