Monday, March 3, 2014

'Finn Family Moomin Troll'- Tove Jansson

When my friend gave me this book for my birthday (we had a random conversation about 'The Moonmins', as you do, and having watched the tv show as a child, I hadn't realised that this was originally a series of books), I was skeptical that as an adult, I wouldn't enjoy this. However, I think this book is suitable for older children or adults.

The idyllic settings and gentle story are a refreshing change from adult fiction and I found this a pleasure to read. Even though this is aimed as children, the writing was poetic and challenging. I actually think that this book is suited to be read a loud, rather than just reading to yourself, so it would be a good bedtime book for children. This book is pure escapism and I love the quirky plot, each chapter can be read as a separate story, as well as a continuing plot. The only criticism would be that the end was a little far fetched and even though this is fantasy, the ending pushed it a little.

At 33, I may be a little old to read 'The Moonmin' novels, but the first novel in the series was a pleasure to read.

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