Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Cloud Atlas'- David Mitchell

This is a novel which I've put off reviewing. Due to the magnitude of the novel, I wasn't sure if I could do this justice. I'm going to try. THIS MAY CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!!

'Cloud Atlas' is actually 6 stories in one. They span countries and varying points in time, some in the present, in the past and way into the future. At first they seem unrelated but as you read on, all becomes clear.

Firstly, what is amazing is David Mitchell's ability to deal with genre. I must admit that I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, but I felt like each separate story was authentically written and equally dealt with. I do prefer when he writes in first person though because for me, the stories written in this way were the most vivid. I also thought it was extremely clever, how each story ties in with everything else.

The thing that overall impressed me with this novel, is the fact that as a reader, I felt challenged. The first story stops mid-sentence. At first, this threw me, but the fun of this novel is to try and work out what is happening. It does become apparent, so it's not a totally confusing novel, but by not simply being given a linear plot and all of the information on a plate, I thought that this was an interesting novel to read.

I also thought that the different issues being raised during this book were extremely interesting. There are many ways you can interpret this novel and for me, that could mean that every time you read this, you could take something different from it. If you read a book and you could easily re-read it, this shows the sign
of a great novel.

Lately, I have read many books which entertained me, but left nothing to 'chew on' mentally. 'Cloud Atlas' for me, made a refreshing change. I seriously recommend this book.


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