Sunday, June 22, 2014

Writing and Family

Writing is something that I've loved doing since I was basically able to, but it's something that I feel quite private about. This sounds ludicrous because, after all, writing a novel is meant to be shared with others, but I much prefer to share my writing with people I don't know, rather than those I know the best.

I suppose writing is something that comes from the very depth of myself. So have I have a problem with sharing this with others around me and risk showing what's really going on inside. Does this sound weird? I know that I'm going to have to get over this fear, because if I want to make anything with my writing, I will have to expose this part of who I am.

Do any writers out there feel the same? Do you share your work with family members? Are they supportive or disregard what you do?


  1. This is a very good post, Spangle. Letting others into what you write - and hearing what they make of it - is tough at any time for a writer, but probably hardest when you begin. Often, a writer has taken a huge leap of faith just to start writing. If the writing is to be any good it has to reveal some emotional truth, which inevitably reveals something about the author. Your reactions to this issue suggest you are well on your way to good writing, if that's of any help.

    1. Thanks for the comment Deborah, sorry it has taken a while to reply to your post. I think, whether conscious of this or not, there is something of every writer in their work.

  2. I think it's easier sharing your writing with strangers than with your family!